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  8 Mini Cheesecakes Sampler : Great for Partys!!! OR ONE AT A TME! (Great with Fresh Fruit ! )
Only $45.45
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  CD: Dissolving Stress by Denese Jarvie
Only $10.17
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  Griffin Sketchbook : For Recording Art & YOU see it!!
Only $50.00
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  Moon Goddess & Crystal Pendant
Only $13.95
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  Romantic Rose Scent Locket: A Beautiful Locket & Fragrance all day = A Wondefful Combination!!
Only $8.95
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  LIVE! at the Castle on the Hill by Wendy Rule: Aacoustic versions of songs from All her albums & New Ones too!
Only $19.98
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  Tea Gift Set : Vanilla Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Moroccan Mint , French Breakfast + Tea Book & Perfect Tea Spoon!
Only $44.00
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  7 in1 Game Set: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Dice, Playing Cards!
Only $50.00
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  Chocolate Chai: Chocolate & Spice and Everything Nice!!!
Only $4.00
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  White Mandala Pillow
Only $37.92
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  Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo: their unique gifts of healing, guidance & higher consciousness
Only $17.95
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  Mediaeval Star / Pentagram Chalice: with Celtic Tree of Life Pattern
Only $67.95
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  Tea for One - Pot & Cup "TEAS" theme: A True Delight for Any True TEA Lover!!!
Only $50.00
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  Angels by Charlotte Montague:The history & mythology of angels from lion-headed birds into the celestial messengers we know of Today
Only $14.99
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  5 Brush Fan calligraphy set: A Tuely Elegant Gift, for any Calligrapher
Only $39.95
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  Kuan Yin: Goddess of Compassion & Healing (cast resin wall plaque)
Only $34.95
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  Buddha Vase
Only $34.95
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  Telescope in Wood box
Only $9.00
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  Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding: over 140 different meditations
Only $14.95
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  Cranberry Orange Spice Tea (Black Tea) (1oz.)
Only $3.00
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Inner Space Exploration !!!
Between Your Ears


Could your life use a Refreshing Upgrade?



* Metaphysical Metamorphosis *
Romance Relaxation & Whimsy too

Carpi Diem!!

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>More Esoteric Soul Food On The MORE MAGIC Page: Reached using the *link* near the bottom of This page: Magic Ritual Kits, Meditation, Love, Healing, Law of Attraction Extraordinary Incense, Unique Candles, Extra Special Teas & items to help Improve your life & lift yourspirits!+Surprises!
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    Description Price
1.   Quartz Crystal Pyramid: Deorative OR Medatation Focus
Item No. 696-168979804
2.   Four way Moons & Stars Pendant : Lunar Enchantment !
Item No. 230-146275800
3.   Star Goblet: For Celestial Celebrations : Weddings, Partys or an Intimate Dinner for 2
Item No. 703-141301812
4.   Feel Good Yoga DVD: For beginners or advanced; Great Ideas for Instructors or Personal use at Home!
Item No. 493-154543800
5.   Short Meditations For Busy People: Relieve Stress!! Find Inspiration! Quick & Easy (guided) Meditations (C.D.)
Item No. 132-51349801
6.   Meditation "Bible" by Madonna Gauding: An exploration of over 140 meditations from Various Sources both ancient and modern
Item No. 601-170421804
7.   Mother's Wisdom Deck & Book by Dewrt, Marglin & Kostecki - Shaw: Provides Mothers with a Bright New Source of Inspiration & Wisdom
Item No. 759-167395814
8.   Meditation Drum : By David & Steve Gordon A New Blend For Meditation: including flutes & Tibetan Singing Bowls (Music C.D.)
Item No. 986-148443830
9.   Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding: over 140 different meditations
Item No. 406-171683804
10.   Brilliant Memory Tool kit by Dominic O'Brien: For Young & Old, Student, Job related, Scientific.... Multiple Applications!!!
Item No. 172-165633803
11.   CD: Dissolving Stress by Denese Jarvie
Item No. 629-171741806
12.   Moon Goddess & Crystal Pendant
Item No. 314-149249800
13.   Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language by Briceida Ryan Helps us deeply understand ourselves & plan our future
Item No. 977-164713803
14.   Anguistalobe Pendant: An elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. (Can be used!)
Item No. 316-165593804
15.   Star Goddess pendant: depicting both the power and beauty of the Star Goddess.
Item No. 310-166283862
16.   Windblown Celestial Amulet: Or simply a delightful, whimsical Pendant
Item No. 532-165539803
17.   Greenman Display Shelf: An Elegant Elemenal Element for Your Home Environment
Item No. 254-140543808
18.   Druidry Handbook by John Greer : From Modern Ritual & Meditation to Nature Awareness and Ecological Action...a Very Fine Book!
Item No. 664-146237800
19.   Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo: their unique gifts of healing, guidance & higher consciousness
Item No. 308-166719818
20.   Celtic Myths & Legends by T. W. Rolleston Splendidly illustrated masterfully tells Celtic & Welch Myths: Pure Enchantment !
Item No. 206-162399802
21.   Greenman Door Knocker: A Magnificent Embellishment for You Homes Main Entrance!
Item No. 324-163909800
22.   Greenman Chalice: A Symbol that Celebrates Nature & the Environment By Party or Ritual!!
Item No. 663-165979807
23.   Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings by Cassandra Eason: Exquisite Illustrations, a Delight to Read!!
Item No. 760-167167818
24.   Faeries` Oracle by Froud / Macbeth: Tarot Cards & Book
Item No. 422-139569800
25.   Messenger Oracle Deck by Ravynne Phelan: This Luminous deck strengthens our ancient bond with nature and spirit.
Item No. 364-166791810
26.   Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham
Item No. 855-171805804
27.   Grimoire of the Green Witch by Ann Moura
Item No. 65-170731804
28.   Green Witch tarot deck & book by Ann Moura: GREEN as In Ecology of Earth & Spirit
Item No. 52-170833804
29.   Witch Crafts Book: Offering step-by-step instructions for 60 delightfully witchy CRAFT projects. (Plus Wicca tips for Beginners)
Item No. 882-166949816
30.   Celtic Tree Oracle by Murray & Murray:provides remarkable guidance & insight for today's hectic world
Item No. 239-170339806
31.   Book of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes : provides the power of practical magic and the trans-formative forces of ancient Celtica
Item No. 818-169955806
32.   CELTIC Golden Dawn by John Michael Greer: a complete curriculum of Druidical magic and occult Wisdom.
Item No. 203-166799952
33.   Temple of High Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak (Book)
Item No. 264-156785800
34.   Angels by Charlotte Montague:The history & mythology of angels from lion-headed birds into the celestial messengers we know of Today
Item No. 682-167991832
35.   A Miracle a Minute by Crockett & D'Amdrea: Help in accuratly projecting your prayers with super success into the Heavenly realms.
Item No. 838-169681804
36.   "Prayer Energy" The Power of Prayer = New View of traditions & techniques ... Buddhist, Sufi, Christian & more (Book)
Item No. 201-101425801
37.   Celtic Sun Cross
Item No. 483-170029834
38.   Viberational Healing by Jaya Jaya Myra : Empowering and accessible, ground-breaking guide
Item No. 556-170457804
39.   Practical Magic for Beginners by Brandy Williams: Introduction to magical practice for Christians, Pagans, Jews, atheists & YOU Too!
Item No. 423-167721808
40.   Everyday Magic: An Inspiring Guide to Simply Living a Modern Magical Life.
Item No. 997-164573803
41.   Hedge-Witch Book of Days by Mandy Mitchell: A Modern , good humored blend of COOKBOOK mixed with insight into the Magical Side of Life
Item No. 838-169433804
42.   Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians by Marsh & Atkinson (BOOK) : Reintroduces a new generation of readers to the Rosicrucian ideals
Item No. 885-166583804
43.   Rose Cross resin & herb blended incense: for Meditation, Rosicrucian, or Wiccan ritual.
Item No. 772-169677804
44.   Kabbalah & Magic of Angels by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
Item No. 965-168135880
45.   The Golden Dawn By Israel Regardie: The History of & Current Practices of This Illustrious Ceremonial Magic Order (BOOK)
Item No. 748-162545800
46.   Self Initiation Into the Golden Dawn by Chio & Tabatha Cicero: Clear instructions and jargon-free language>Understand and use practical and high magic
Item No. 666-163749800
47.   Triple Moon Pendant
Item No. 583-166949804
48.   Knights Short Sword: Perfect for Renaissance Faires, S.C.A. Events, Sword Collectors... or A Bit of Magic?
Item No. 246-167685814
49.   Rituals For Money by Donna Rose (Book) these rituals have helped scores of people Improve their financial well being !
Item No. 261-152303800
50.   Divination for Beginners: by Scott Cunninham Tarot Cards, I Ching, Palmistry, Crystal Gazing Plus!
Item No. 717-164559803
51.   The Classic: Rider - Waite TAROT Deck & Book
Item No. 996-113281801
52.   Universal Tarot Bag by Lo Scarabeo: A wonderful bag for storing your Classic Rider/Waite or any Tarot deck in!
Item No. 268-169227818
53.   Tarot Illuminati (deck & book) by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens: Illuminati Tarot warms the soul and frees the mind!!
Item No. 751-167361814
54.   Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl: A Very Unique Deck with Hindu ,Celtic, Egyptian , Norse & Native American Symbolism
Item No. 49-169125804
55.   Earth Power Oracle deck & book by Stacey Demarco This magnificent oracle takes you on a mystic journey to...
Item No. 289-170207806
56.   Karma Cards by Monte Farber: Amazing cards already embraced by hundreds of thousands of seekers !!!
Item No. 518-167155808
57.   Art of Life Tarot Designed by Charlene Livingstone: Well-known work of art paired with an insightful quotations + Display feature
Item No. 340-170341804
58.   Quantum Tarot : Blending Traditional Tarot with modern physics subatomic science & astronomy images & concepts (Book & Cards)
Item No. 61-144851802
59.   Sherlock Holmes tarot deck & book by Matthews & Kinghan
Item No. 560-169697804
60.   Steampunk Tarot Deck & Book by Barbara Moore: A scintillating fusion of man , machine, nature, science , alchemy, romance & fashion.
Item No. 193-164331800
61.   Tarot of the White Cats by Lo Scarabeo
Item No. 148-168851808
62.   Marseille Cat Tarot : The Fabulous feline motifs of this unique deck add a cozy touch to any tarot collection
Item No. 460-168851806
63.   I Ching Dragon & Phoenix Coin: For divination or's your choice!
Item No. 458-164559805
64.   Aquarian Tarot Deck: By Paladini ; Works as frame-able Art as well ! !
Item No. 117-144251800
65.   Hermetic Tarot : (Art) by Dowson Godfrey. Now revered as a classic; based on the Teachings of The Golden Dawn
Item No. 679-160455800
66.   Challice Well Amulet: aid in tapping into the Divine World Around YOU
Item No. 526-142741800
67.   Arthurian Tarot Deck : Based on the Legends of King Arthur
Item No. 314-115186168
68.   Medieval Sword ; Splendid for Renaissance Fairs, S.C.A. Events, Weddings or Ritual Magic
Item No. 462-167543812
69.   Ornate Renaissance Gobblet: suited for Medieval Banquet or Magical Ceremony
Item No. 996-156003800
70.   Great Norse, Celtic and Teutonic Legends by Wilhelm Wagner (BOOK ) Timeless Tales of Love and War !! Inspiring!
Item No. 320-135201802
71.   Throned Odin Statue:The All Father, the Wanderer; Chief of the Norse Gods
Item No. 526-163959823
72.   Bronze Thors' Hammer with Viking Runes
Item No. 538-167467808
73.   Norse God: THOR Pendant
Item No. 589-141515800
74.   "Bindrune" THORS HAMMER : A Magical Viking Amulet of Good Fortune! (with chain)
Item No. 544-118779802
75.   Ornate Thors Hammer: Norse Talisman / Pendant (with chain)
Item No. 171-156239800
76.   Thor's Hammer: with scrollwork double sided , pewter.
Item No. 345-161201800
77.   Aegir Statue: Norse God of the Oceans: Known as a Great Brewer of Ale,Throwing Elaborate Parties for the other Gods!
Item No. 331-167307804
78.   Viking Sea Serpent Necklace
Item No. 68-141513800
79.   Dragon Chalice: Raise A Toast to Odin, to Thor! To Vallhallah!! Skoal!!
Item No. 896-141415800
80.   Nordic God Odin: God of Wisdom, War, Poetry & Magic (Statue)
Item No. 279-123591814
81.   A Valkyrie: A Mythological Viking Warrior Spirit : A BOLD Statement for the "MOM CAVE"!
Item No. 11-141411800
82.   Mediaeval Star / Pentagram Chalice: with Celtic Tree of Life Pattern
Item No. 815-166779822
83.   Viking Goddess Freya Statue: Norse Goddess of Love , War, Divination & Magic! A Great Addition to The MOM Cave!!!
Item No. 723-121825798
84.   Thors Hammer Pendant (small)
Item No. 647-118781800
85.   Norse God Freyr (statue): traditionally associated with farming, weather, and the male aspects of fertility
Item No. 115-147527800
86.   Traditinal Ravens head Thors' Hammer (Bronze)
Item No. 744-167467804
87.   The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts: A divine journey to the inner self and to God-consciousness From Africa
Item No. 513-60131801
88.   Buddha tealite holder : An Elegant tea-light holder, for your Meditation Space
Item No. 346-166981810
89.   Buddha Vase
Item No. 145-171333804
90.   Buddha Statue with tealite holder
Item No. 387-167423828
91.   Brass Quan Yin statue: Goddess of Compassion & Healing
Item No. 124-134731814
92.   Kuan Yin: Goddess of Compassion & Healing (cast resin wall plaque)
Item No. 891-170433824
93.   Triquetra & Lotus Display Piece : Elegant & Versatile>Fill it with Flowers, Fruit, Sea Shells or Use as an Incense Burner!!!
Item No. 235-144107800
94.   Ganesha Statue : Lord of New Beginnings, remover of obstacles + (Brass Statue)
Item No. 956-125845800
95.   Ganesh Special Stick Incense: create a positive atmosphere of prosperity, success, and well being,
Item No. 802-164483803
96.   Hindu Gods & Goddesses by W.J. Wilkins (BOOK): An Illustrated Study of Myths, Legends , Art & Philosophy for SCOLARS & POETS
Item No. 605-150989800
97.   The Goddess Lakshmi:Goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual),good fortune,
Item No. 703-170243804
98.   DVD: Reincarnation: Future Growth through Past Lives; a Clear New Perspective
Item No. 43-164137807
99.   OM Erarrings: Om Mani Padma Style
Item No. 684-156237800
100.   Sun stick incense: Represented as the Indian God Surya
Item No. 84-164481803
101.   Native American Tarot (Unique Oracle Cards created by Native Americans)
Item No. 946-46349801
102.   Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak: Discover the origins of witchcraft; A year and-a-day training in shamanic witchcraft
Item No. 190-167793804
103.   Native American Medicine Wheel Amulett: Harmony with Everything & All Living Beings
Item No. 811-142733812
104.   Eagle Spirit Sent : Give Your Hopes & Dreams Wings!! (Incense)
Item No. 713-126583826
105.   Dream Catcher Earrings; Sterling Silver & Turquoise
Item No. 486-124395800
106.   Wood & Soapstone Incense Burner: for sticks or cones
Item No. 76-64523801
107.   Black Engraved Brass Incense Burner: So Elegant, it Adds to a Rooms' Ambiance even when not in use!
Item No. 902-165227804
108.   Byzantine Incense Burner : Ornament & Atmosphere (plus a special feature)
Item No. 950-117591798
109.   Pagan Magic Stick Incense: helps bring your mind to a deep mystical state
Item No. 71-166999804
110.   Star * Pentagram Incense Burner: Beautiful Hand - Drum shape
Item No. 784-145583826
111.   Hanging Brass Incense Burner (for resin or cone incense)
Item No. 172-44561801
112.   Super Natural Stone Candle Holder: For Votives, Tapers, Tealight or Pillar Candles
Item No. 782-151273800
113.   Bright Brassy Candleholder : Great Looking & Flexble: it can hold tapers, pillar or votive candles easily!
Item No. 12-156347800
114.   Beautiful Glass Candle Holder: Candles Sold On The MORE MAGIC page (see *link* = bottom of this page)
Item No. 80-117041826
115.   Brass Candle Holder : with handle..for carrying...
Item No. 852-117171798
116.   Starfire Candleholder (Glass): A Delightful piece to use for Star lit Dinner Partys or a bit of Cheer, anywhere it's needed in your home.
Item No. 160-154875800
117.   Polished Stone Tealight Holder : Aesthetically Pleasing Natural Stone and a touch of Candle Light. (3 color variations shown)
Item No. 274-167001812
118.   Flower Top Tea Lights (white) Iilluminate all corners of your home, temple, or....???
Item No. 357-151211808
119.   Classic Silver Challice: For A "Spirited" Evening!! (Literally or Figuratively)
Item No. 558-161401802
120.   Romantic Rose Scent Locket: A Beautiful Locket & Fragrance all day = A Wondefful Combination!!
Item No. 789-164243805
121.   Life's Pattern Amulet / Pendant: comes with 30in. cord
Item No. 893-163835800
122.   Triple Moon Challice: For Romancing, Feasting or Magic!
Item No. 704-44509801
123.   The Sun, Cresent & Full Moon Pendant: A Celestial Dance!!
Item No. 536-146235838
124.   Crescent Moon Pendant : A Simple Attention Getter! (pewter)
Item No. 497-140907800
125.   Sun Disc Pendant: (Double sided): Sun surrounded by phases of the Moon
Item No. 294-149953800
126.   Celtic Full Moon Pendant: Romantic Dramatic & Charming
Item No. 949-143737844
127.   Triple Moon : Nightly Peace Amulet: Pendant & cord.
Item No. 303-120855798
128.   Triple Moon Pendant : Rainbow Moonstone & Silver
Item No. 598-120715798
129.   Star / Pentacle Necklace & Earrings Set
Item No. 779-167903804
130.   Amber Drop pendant:like raw Honey from a fanciful silver flower.
Item No. 78-165717806
131.   Egyptian Goddess Incense
Item No. 557-145615808
132.   Eye of Horus Heart Earrings: An Ancient Symbol of Protection within a Symbol of Love
Item No. 328-166631804
133.   Isis Framed Eye of Horus Necklace
Item No. 557-140547800
134.   Triple Moon & Star Candle: Romantic and Magical !!
Item No. 117-140107802
135.   Moon Goddess Black Cape
Item No. 70-164561803
136.   Purple Moon & Star Tunic: Cosmic Party Wear!
Item No. 444-124343800
137.   Purple Moon & Star Skirt
Item No. 277-124343802
138.   Box Linked Sterling Silver Chain (24in.)
Item No. 786-140677802
139.   18" Omega chain stainless steel
Item No. 145-165275821
140.   Silvertone Chain 24"
Item No. 994-165277825
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