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  8 Mini Cheesecakes Sampler : Great for Partys!!! OR ONE AT A TME! (Great with Fresh Fruit ! )
Only $45.45
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  CD: Dissolving Stress by Denese Jarvie
Only $10.17
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  Griffin Sketchbook : For Recording Art & YOU see it!!
Only $50.00
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  Moon Goddess & Crystal Pendant
Only $13.95
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  Romantic Rose Scent Locket: A Beautiful Locket & Fragrance all day = A Wondefful Combination!!
Only $8.95
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  LIVE! at the Castle on the Hill by Wendy Rule: Aacoustic versions of songs from All her albums & New Ones too!
Only $19.98
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  Tea Gift Set : Vanilla Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Moroccan Mint , French Breakfast + Tea Book & Perfect Tea Spoon!
Only $44.00
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  7 in1 Game Set: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Dice, Playing Cards!
Only $50.00
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  Chocolate Chai: Chocolate & Spice and Everything Nice!!!
Only $4.00
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  White Mandala Pillow
Only $37.92
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  Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo: their unique gifts of healing, guidance & higher consciousness
Only $17.95
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  Mediaeval Star / Pentagram Chalice: with Celtic Tree of Life Pattern
Only $67.95
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  Tea for One - Pot & Cup "TEAS" theme: A True Delight for Any True TEA Lover!!!
Only $50.00
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  Angels by Charlotte Montague:The history & mythology of angels from lion-headed birds into the celestial messengers we know of Today
Only $14.99
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  5 Brush Fan calligraphy set: A Tuely Elegant Gift, for any Calligrapher
Only $39.95
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  Kuan Yin: Goddess of Compassion & Healing (cast resin wall plaque)
Only $34.95
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  Buddha Vase
Only $34.95
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  Telescope in Wood box
Only $9.00
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  Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding: over 140 different meditations
Only $14.95
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  Cranberry Orange Spice Tea (Black Tea) (1oz.)
Only $3.00
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Spells & Surprises

More Metaphisical Soul Food:
Empowering Inspiration; Encouragement>>>towards Self Realization Go For it! May "The FORCE" be with You!!!
That is what STARFIRE MAGIC & MORE MAGIC are all about!!
MORE MAGIC : Magic Ritual Kits, Incense, Candles, Books, Very Special Herbal Teas &  SURPRISES!!
*Click photos for dazzling Descriptions*

    Description Price
1.   Goddess Laxmi Statue : Goddess of Grace, Beauty & Material Well Being
Item No. 973-123525800
2.   Nag Champa Incense (Cones & Burner) : Gentle, Charming, Lingers in Your Memory .
Item No. 908-123673800
3.   MOON Incense (cones) Lunar vibrations, intuition, calming, Romantic, dreamy.
Item No. 785-44597801
4.   Celtic Patterned Cone Incense Burner: Simply Lovely
Item No. 521-161203800
5.   Dragon Incense Burner (for 1 cone) with a central dragon motif & three dragon heads forming the "feet", Just Right.!
Item No. 226-92113801
6.   Palmistry Journal : For recording your Palmistry readings OR whatever you wish!
Item No. 837-145527800
7.   Griffin Jornal (Blank Book):Perfect place to record your Own secrets, observations and inspirations . (Privately)
Item No. 544-150665800
8.   Griffin Sketchbook : For Recording Art & YOU see it!!
Item No. 290-120917802
9.   5 Brush Fan calligraphy set: A Tuely Elegant Gift, for any Calligrapher
Item No. 937-169385804
10.   Dragons Blood Ink : A Voluntary Donation from A Generous and Quite Magical Dragon
Item No. 14-153269800
11.   Starry Night Chest : 2 Divided drawers for stick incense, calligraphy pens, paint brushes, crafting items...or magic wands!
Item No. 469-145997802
12.   Your Magick Wand poster: One Fantastic Parchment Poster!! The History of and How to Make & Use Magic Wands!!!
Item No. 216-165189494
13.   Magic Wands!!! Hand Carved: No two are exactly the same.
Item No. 289-165181806
14.   Wood & Crystal Wand
Item No. 34-165885813
15.   Masons Ceremonial Sword: The Masons... a secret society with intriguing histoical ties to the Templar Knights, Presidents and Kings
Item No. 682-167567818
16.   Star Cordial Cup: Delightful for serving a cordial, a little wine, or even displaying an Especially Beautiful Flower
Item No. 653-138477802
17.   Hand Carved Display Table: with a Variety of uses!!
Item No. 232-165135807
18.   Triple Moon Mortar & Pestle: with Pearl Inlaid Moons (for cooking or conjering)
Item No. 498-115245988
19.   Dragons Head incense burner: he's Purple, and so hot he's Smokin'!!!
Item No. 396-170227808
20.   Greenman Plaque : A Wild & Friendly Environmental Envoy
Item No. 198-121921800
21.   Greenwoman Box: A Mother Nature Box to keep Your Earthly Tresures in.
Item No. 813-166945818
22.   Greenman Box
Item No. 57-148447806
23.   Green Dragons Challice: Dramatic Dragons: Add a Bit of Theatre to Any Occasion ! !
Item No. 869-166993814
24.   Church Resin Incense Kit: Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, charcoal & burner (for:Church, Temple, Ashram , Grove...or Your Own Home)
Item No. 774-81319801
25.   Celtic High Cross: A beautiful, peaceful symbol. (silver / abalone / cubic zirconium)
Item No. 121-157577800
26.   Angelic Visions (stick incense)
Item No. 77-44577801
27.   Bible Spells: With respect, enthusiasim & some unique insite: How to get More out of this Wonderful, Timeless Book!
Item No. 187-150429800
28.   Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey This book will teach you what you need to know to succeed with candle burning Magic.
Item No. 909-165189492
29.   Centering Meditation Ritual Kit: is designed to Bring Harmony and Balance into your Life and Spirit!
Item No. 142-44647801
30.   New Beginings : Your own personal Re-birth & Renewal "SECRET" Ritual Kit
Item No. 870-44651803
31.   Secret Desire Fulfilled Magic Ritual Kit
Item No. 353-165061803
32.   Get A Job Ritual Kit: Magically Stengthen Your Self Confidence & Make A GREAT! Impression! On Job Interviews!!
Item No. 153-149143800
33.   Attract The Perfect Soulmate / Partner Ritual Kit
Item No. 225-44663805
34.   Healing Ritual Kit : to both mend & balance spiritually; to encourage physical & mental health & well being .
Item No. 881-155209800
35.   Moon Goddess (stick) Incense
Item No. 972-44595801
36.   ROSE Incense : Marvelous incense - handcrafted using natural resins and pure essential oils.
Item No. 882-166957804
37.   Red Ginger (stick) Incense : Spicy & Spirited!
Item No. 301-44589801
38.   Mocha Fudge Incense (sticks)
Item No. 481-145617800
39.   Zodiac Incense (Cones & Burner) : Gently Floral & Spicy
Item No. 7-145725800
40.   Psychic Incense Cones
Item No. 209-168327804
41.   Frankincense & Sandlewood Stick Incense
Item No. 88-143472438
42.   Rosemary Incense (20 sticks)
Item No. 956-81311801
43.   Essentual LOVE Incense (sticks)
Item No. 529-44575801
44.   Musk Essential oil: An Extreamly Popular Scent, also used To Strengthen Magic Spells & Talismans
Item No. 84-164291803
45.   Amber / Sandalwood Essential oil
Item No. 475-166017804
46.   Handsome Steel Oil Diffuser
Item No. 313-166019806
47.   Cedar, White & Blue Sage smudge stick 3-Pack: used to cleanse, purify, and carry prayers to The Great Spirit.
Item No. 23-163585800
48.   Blue Pyamid Candle (Cinnamon Sented)
Item No. 418-115258996
49.   White Pyamid Candle (strawbery scented)
Item No. 182-115258994
50.   White Knob Candle
Item No. 787-115258992
51.   Dramatic Gold Pillar Candle: Romantic & Magical Enchantment
Item No. 767-117210026
52.   Laughter "Charged" Pillar Candle: Burn it to help awaken joy and laughter in yourself & those you Love!!!
Item No. 88-151311800
53.   Courage Magically Charged pillar candle
Item No. 621-166603836
54.   Silvered Glass Votive Holder: with a delicate "Snow on a Window" Or "Champagne Bubbles" pattern
Item No. 278-167059804
55.   Sandlewood Sented Votive Candle
Item No. 674-134961800
56.   Creativity Candle : True Blue Inspiration! [Plumeria, Jasmine & Sandledwood Blended Scent]
Item No. 755-151229800
57.   Orange & Sage Sented Votive Candle
Item No. 650-139941804
58.   Rosemary Sented Votive Candle
Item No. 589-139943800
59.   Jasmine Sented Votive Candle
Item No. 156-151769802
60.   Healing Candle (Magicaly "Charged")
Item No. 170-44643801
61.   Healing Incense (cones) Helps create atmosphere and mind set for Healing
Item No. 661-44607801
62.   New Begginings Candle (Magicaly "Charged")
Item No. 97-86763801
63.   Meditation / Centering Candle (Spiritualy Blessed)
Item No. 767-86765801
64.   Love Attraction Candle (Magicaly "Charged")
Item No. 903-44641801
65.   Quan Yin Magnet: the Chinese Goddess of Compassion & Healing.
Item No. 424-149443800
66.   Star Spangled Tarot / Oracle Card Bag
Item No. 773-100401801
67.   Rumi Quote : Beautiful & Inspiring
Item No. 933-154949814
68.   Cinnamon Incense (cones) Uplifting, stimulating, cheerful
Item No. 130-44601801
69.   Orange Spice Incense (Sticks) fresh citrusy with a hint of spice
Item No. 658-145615820
70.   CLOVE Stick Incense: Clear! Crisp! Jazzy! Spicy!
Item No. 98-81309801
71.   White Jasmine (stick) Incense : Harmony, Wisdom, Meditation
Item No. 664-44583801
72.   Sage & Cedar Incense (cones)
Item No. 916-44617801
73.   Sage Medicine Wheel Cone Incense
Item No. 97-156829802
74.   Hanging Brass Incense Burner
Item No. 391-115859764
75.   Mother of Pearl Brass Hanging Burner: For Resin or Cone Incense
Item No. 592-169605804
76.   Holland : Charcoal Discs for Burning Resin Incense. (10 Discs)
Item No. 54-133497804
77.   Kyphi Resin Incense: Your entire Being, will react with Rapturous Delight !
Item No. 655-115655816
78.   Three Kings Resin Incense A Richly Fragrant Blend of Frankincense & Myrrh, & other Tree Resins, Herb & Flower Essences,
Item No. 855-164087837
79.   Amber Resin Incense:quite good for soothing nerves and helping the mind relax
Item No. 547-144383810
80.   Frankincense & Myrrh Resin Incense
Item No. 597-115188878
81.   Archangels Resin Incense (1lb.)
Item No. 577-164155830
82.   Resin Incense Variety Gift Pack: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin & Damar Resins.
Item No. 715-154955800
83.   Starlight Charoal Discs: for burning resin Incense (40 Discs)
Item No. 601-133503490
84.   Tea Leaf Reading: Fortune telling with tea leaves, tea ceremonies & Tea-licious Information!!!
Item No. 528-86945829
85.   Psychic Tea!!! (Tea & E.S.P.!!!)
Item No. 855-86945815
86.   LOVERS Tea (Aphrodisiac)
Item No. 733-86945807
87.   Prosperity Tea
Item No. 114-86949801
88.   Calm Comfort Tea (Natural Nerve Relaxant) also helps releave occasional Insomnia
Item No. 926-86943803
89.   Awakened Vitality Tea
Item No. 156-86939801
All prices in US Dollars


Candle burning is a psychic and psychological experience, and may compliment your particular faith by arranging your rituals to blend into it You need not do anything which you feel is inharmonious with your personal beliefs, as there are countless alternatives There are numerous authorities and traditions which attempt to tell you precisely what to do in each type of candle burning ritual or spell, but few attempt to explain the reasons why it must be just so The actual reason is because that is what works best for them, but does it mean anything to you?
The one basic, simple fact we can feel sure of is that the act of burning candles does indeed cause an altered state of awareness, producing changes in circumstances The important thing is to pour a part of yourself into each spell.
>> A few helpful thoughts; when considering using one of Our "Ritual Kits"
[The power of Prayer, Meditation & The "Law of Attraction" In Ritual Form]

A HELPFUL Book Recommendation: Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey
Available ON: MORE MAGIC Page.

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper
[A Quotable Quip by:] E. Phillpots

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