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  8 Mini Cheesecakes Sampler : Great for Partys!!! OR ONE AT A TME! (Great with Fresh Fruit ! )
Only $45.45
ON: TEA PARTY TEMPTATIONS (price includes Delivery) (click*on*photo)
  CD: Dissolving Stress by Denese Jarvie
Only $10.17
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  Griffin Sketchbook : For Recording Art & YOU see it!!
Only $50.00
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  Moon Goddess & Crystal Pendant
Only $13.95
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  Romantic Rose Scent Locket: A Beautiful Locket & Fragrance all day = A Wondefful Combination!!
Only $8.95
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  LIVE! at the Castle on the Hill by Wendy Rule: Aacoustic versions of songs from All her albums & New Ones too!
Only $19.98
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  Tea Gift Set : Vanilla Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Moroccan Mint , French Breakfast + Tea Book & Perfect Tea Spoon!
Only $44.00
ON: GOLDEN MOON TEA Page (click*on*photo)
  7 in1 Game Set: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Dice, Playing Cards!
Only $50.00
ON:MOON TIGER Page (clcik*on*photo)
  Chocolate Chai: Chocolate & Spice and Everything Nice!!!
Only $4.00
ON: TEA TIME Page (click*on*photo)
  White Mandala Pillow
Only $37.92
ON:SPECIALTY PILLOWS PLUS! Page (click*on*photo)
  Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo: their unique gifts of healing, guidance & higher consciousness
Only $17.95
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  Mediaeval Star / Pentagram Chalice: with Celtic Tree of Life Pattern
Only $67.95
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  Tea for One - Pot & Cup "TEAS" theme: A True Delight for Any True TEA Lover!!!
Only $50.00
ON:TEA For TWO Page (click*on*photo)to view &order
  Angels by Charlotte Montague:The history & mythology of angels from lion-headed birds into the celestial messengers we know of Today
Only $14.99
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  5 Brush Fan calligraphy set: A Tuely Elegant Gift, for any Calligrapher
Only $39.95
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  Kuan Yin: Goddess of Compassion & Healing (cast resin wall plaque)
Only $34.95
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  Buddha Vase
Only $34.95
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  Telescope in Wood box
Only $9.00
ON:Moon Tiger page (click*on*photo)
  Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding: over 140 different meditations
Only $14.95
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  Cranberry Orange Spice Tea (Black Tea) (1oz.)
Only $3.00
ON:TEA For TWO Page (click*on*photo)


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*About our Meerschaum pipes, and figurines: Because they are all 100% Hand Carved, no molds are used.(out of a mineral named Meerschaum)...when the order is placed,it takes approximately 4-5 weeks to carve, and then to construct the contour pipe case,then prepare for shipping Week Days, Not counting Saturdays & Sundays (in transit) until arrival. There sometimes may be additional delays in receiving your pipe, or figurine.
>There are NO Returns on Portrait pipes, or portrait figurines. We will notify you when the pipe is shipped.<(via Your e-mail address) They are true works of Art, well worth the wait!
>Custom pipes [= portrait, logo or fantasy] CAN NOT Be returned. All others can, but a 20% Restocking fee will be charged. All returns must be made within 10 days of receiving the pipe. You re-package and pay to ship it back, yourself.
> We are not responsible for damage to pipes after they are received.

> Request a tracking number, via e-mail, on Any item: {Go to our HOME on "Contact Us")

* There are NO Returns on food items, unless they were damaged in transit.


PLEASE NOTE: If FedEx is unable to complete delivery and issues a "Customer Not Available or Business Closed" exception we are not going to be responsible for the cheesecake. This exception generally arises when the cake is being shipped to an apartment building or commercial office or other commercial building where you have to have an entry code to enter or you ring a bell to be let into the building. If the recipient is not home, or does not answer, the FedEx courier can not get into the building and it is generally unsafe to leave the cheesecake on the street. They will leave a note at the door, and try again the next day. Unfortunately, we have found that the result is usually the same the next day.
We will make every effort to help you get the cheesecake delivered, but we can assume no liability if the cake spoils in the process.