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  8 Mini Cheesecakes Sampler : Great for Partys!!! OR ONE AT A TME! (Great with Fresh Fruit ! )
Only $45.45
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  CD: Dissolving Stress by Denese Jarvie
Only $10.17
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  Griffin Sketchbook : For Recording Art & YOU see it!!
Only $50.00
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  Moon Goddess & Crystal Pendant
Only $13.95
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  Romantic Rose Scent Locket: A Beautiful Locket & Fragrance all day = A Wondefful Combination!!
Only $8.95
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  LIVE! at the Castle on the Hill by Wendy Rule: Aacoustic versions of songs from All her albums & New Ones too!
Only $19.98
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  Tea Gift Set : Vanilla Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Moroccan Mint , French Breakfast + Tea Book & Perfect Tea Spoon!
Only $44.00
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  7 in1 Game Set: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Dice, Playing Cards!
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  Chocolate Chai: Chocolate & Spice and Everything Nice!!!
Only $4.00
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  White Mandala Pillow
Only $37.92
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  Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo: their unique gifts of healing, guidance & higher consciousness
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  Mediaeval Star / Pentagram Chalice: with Celtic Tree of Life Pattern
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  Tea for One - Pot & Cup "TEAS" theme: A True Delight for Any True TEA Lover!!!
Only $50.00
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  Angels by Charlotte Montague:The history & mythology of angels from lion-headed birds into the celestial messengers we know of Today
Only $14.99
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  5 Brush Fan calligraphy set: A Tuely Elegant Gift, for any Calligrapher
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  Kuan Yin: Goddess of Compassion & Healing (cast resin wall plaque)
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  Buddha Vase
Only $34.95
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  Telescope in Wood box
Only $9.00
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  Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding: over 140 different meditations
Only $14.95
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  Cranberry Orange Spice Tea (Black Tea) (1oz.)
Only $3.00
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"The tea party is a spa for the soul. You leave your cares and work behind.
Busy people forget their business. Your stress melts away, your senses awaken..."


Oh! How Tempting!! These Stylish Gourmet Cheesecakes Will Inspire Many a Tea Party!
Just say:"CHEESECAKE!" You are Already SMILING!!! 

Excellent with any of Our Unique Gourmet Teas!!
& The Fresh Fruit of Your Choice!


Click on the item name for a Delicious Description!!
BASICS: Click on item of Interest, for product page, to Order use Product Information > Brown Square, fill out Quantity, click cart button,
next page click continue to checkout button. EASY!!!

The Price on ALL Cheesecakes > Includes Refrigerated Delivery.
*All of our cheesecakes also include a personalized gift message
IMPORTANT Ordering Instructions & Other Details: Are Below the Product list

    Description Price
1.   MERRY CHRISTMAS Cheesecake : Complete with sugar Poinsetta & Gift card
Item No. 259-169611804
2.   Special Occasions Chocolate Coated Cheesecake: Delivered with personalized message on cake & card: Happy Aniversary, Happy Birthday OR??
Item No. 978-143133800
3.   Special Occasion Heart Shaped Cheesecake (2 lbs.) Choice of 3 Flavors + Customization
Item No. 793-160825800
4.   Pumpkin Fudge Swirl Cheesecake (with Gingersnap crust) (3lbs.)
Item No. 237-54897803
5.   Chocolate Topped N.Y. Cheesecake : Just Add Fresh Fruit & A Silly Grin!!! (3lb.)
Item No. 205-133891802
6.   48 Mini Piece Cheesecake Sampler: (6 Flavors) A Perfect Size For One at a Time OR A PARTY!!!
Item No. 211-25519795
7.   8 Mini Cheesecakes Sampler : Great for Partys!!! OR ONE AT A TME! (Great with Fresh Fruit ! )
Item No. 366-10028961
8.   (XXL) Cappuccino Cheesecake ; with Chocolate cookie crust & a dash of Cinnamon (4lbs. Party Sized)
Item No. 307-10028889
9.   Party Sized Cheesecake Super Sampler (4lbs.)
Item No. 313-120517806
10.   White Chocolate Cheesecake ; With Chocolate Cookie Crust....Great with Fresh Fruit!!! (3LBS. Party Sized)
Item No. 973-120523798
11.   (XL) Super Fudge Chunk Cheesecake with walnuts and chocolate cookie crust..(3lbs. Party Sized)
Item No. 349-10021749
12.   Pecan Truffle Cheesecake : Chocolate Fudge cheesecake & pecan praline topping! Party sized!!!!
Item No. 796-10027227
13.   Turtle Cheesecake; Chocolate fudge cheesecake, caramel topping, toasted pecans (4lbs. Party Size)
Item No. 406-14920795
14.   White Chocolate PISTACHIO Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust ! (Party sized: 4lbs.)
Item No. 576-10021743
15.   Cranberry Orange Cheesecake with Toasted Almond Topping (2lbs.)
Item No. 586-54901801
16.   Amaretto Cheesecake: with sliced Almond Topping (4lbs.) .serves 16
Item No. 587-116221798
17.   German Chocolate Cheesecake: Taditional toppings of Coconut & Pecans
Item No. 170-166629816
All prices in US Dollars

The other half of your Tea Party...can be found on our "Tea Time"& "Golden Moon" Pages!! Once there, you will find a HUGE selection of Organic, Whole Leaf teas and Tea Gifts! You might also like:"Tea for Two" Beautiful infuser cups, flowering teas, Gift Boxed Ceramic & Glass Tea Sets + PLUS +...(FREE!) Bright Tea Party Ideas and recipes, at the bottom of "Tea For 2"!!



Customer Testimonial:
Extremely fast, courteous and professional service. Plus, the feedback from my cheesecake-expert guest recipients is that these are the best cheesecakes they have ever had! They're awesome!!! - Paul V.

* More about Cheesecake shipping information; further down on this page.
It's EASY if you plan ahead : See *Notes!

TO ORDER: Click on item name,Fill out Quantity in"Order Information",click "Cart", click "Check out", fill out OUR Order Form , then Credit card info., or click "Pay Pal" & fill out THEIR Form (additionally) >> IF YOU  PAY>>VIA  "PAY  PAL"YOU  MUST  RETURN  TO  THE  MOONFLOWER  BOX  SITE>>AFTER  FILLING  OUT  THEIR  FORM  OR  YOUR  ORDER  WILL  BE  CANCELLED! *Then Feel free to perform a wild Victory Dance!

Can I ship a Cheesecake to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday or Monday? Sorry, we can not ship Cheesecakes to arrive on Saturday,Sunday or Monday.ONLY Tuesday-through Friday.
We can ship to Alaska or Hawaii-->for an additional shipping charge.
For delivery tomorrow, PLEASE: check your watch before placing your order! In order to make sure we receive your order BEFORE 12:00 Noon PT place your order BEFORE: 3:00PM if you live in the Eastern Time Zone 2:00PM if you live in the Central Time Zone 1:00PM if you live in the Mountain Time Zone 12:00PM if you live in the Pacific Time Zone

*PLEASE NOTE: If FedEx is unable to complete delivery and issues a "Customer Not Available or Business Closed" exception we are not going to be responsible for the cheesecake. This exception generally arises when the cake is being shipped to an apartment building or commercial office or other commercial building where you have to have an entry code to enter or you ring a bell to be let into the building. If the recipient is not home, or does not answer, the FedEx courier can not get into the building and it is generally unsafe to leave the cheesecake on the street. They will leave a note at the door, and try again the next day. Unfortunately, we have found that the result is often the same the next day. So...maybe you are clever enough to find a way>to make the delivery a Success?
We will make every effort to help you get the cheesecake delivered! However we can assume no liability if the cake spoils in the process.
*>>This is not a Big problem! If you have someone who knows about the cheesecakes arrival. A friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker, doorman, or a Friendly building superintendent...that can watch for the package to arrive. Talk with the Fed Ex people, at the cheesecakes' destination, also.
*** THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL Cheesecakes; whether it is being deliverd to you OR as a another address!

Please understand we can not accept returns on food items unless they are damaged in transit.{before arrival]

Your Questions and Compliments are WELCOME!! Go to the HOME Page, and click on "Contact Us"> Leave us a message!



*Click on the item name for
a Delicious Description!!