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  Carmel Oolong Tea : A Free Spirited Poets Cup!
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  Owl Clock: Any One Whoooo Loves Owls Will Love This Clock!!!
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  Pumpkin Fudge Swirl Cheesecake (with Gingersnap crust) (3lbs.)
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  The TRUTH About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham (BOOK) NOT the Hollywood *TV * Fairytale* nor Fictional novel versions.
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  Triple Moon : Nightly Peace Amulet: Pendant & cord.
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  Triple Moon Black Pouch (large) For Smoking Blends ..or?
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  Crescent Moon Pendant : A Simple Attention Getter! (pewter)
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  Star Goblet: For Celestial Celebrations : Weddings, Partys or an Intimate Dinner for 2
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  Star * Pentagram Incense Burner: Beautiful Hand - Drum shape
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  Autumn / Winter Blend: Use Apple Cider or Wine instead of water: and Brew A Hot Cup of Cheer!!!
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  Temple of High Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak (Book)
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  Poet Tree Incense Holder: A Great Pun and a Delightful Incense Burner
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  Turkish Green AppleTea: Green Tea, Apples & Herb Blend
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  4 Winds: 100% Herbal Smoking Blend (1oz.)
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  Order of the Owl by Cu Dubh (Music C.D.) Hauntingly Middle-Eastern and Tribal
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  Tree of Life: Bedspread / Wall Art: Beautiful, soft & comforting .
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  Fantasy Pipe: A Favorite Science Fiction, Comic Book, Fairytale, Greek Mythological Charicture OR??
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  Messenger Oracle Deck by Ravynne Phelan: This Luminous deck strengthens our ancient bond with nature and spirit.
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  Three Owl Moon: lined journal & bookmark
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  Triple Moon Pendant
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  Witch Crafts Book: Offering step-by-step instructions for 60 delightfully witchy CRAFT projects. (Plus Wicca tips for Beginners)
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  Pagan Magic Stick Incense: helps bring your mind to a deep mystical state
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  Witch's Moon by Edain McCoy : The perfect Guide to show why & how to work wonders with the Energy of the Moon
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  Cat Walk - Tea for One set : A perfect gift for any one who Loves both Tea & Cats .
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  MOON Incense (cones) Lunar vibrations, intuition, calming, Romantic, dreamy.
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Odin (Norse God) Pipe

The Norse God Odin; is the all father of Norse mythology. He is the leader of all of the Norse Gods, and the father of Thor.(Thor:God of thunder, hurling lightening bolts as weapons, his mother:Jord the Earth Goddess) Odin can see into the future thanks to two crows that sit on his shoulders. The crows are named "thought" and "memory", and with their help he knows that the gods are doomed to die at the end of the world, also known as 'Ragnarok'. Even though he knows the gods are destined to lose, Odin initiates the creation of Val Hala, where all the Viking warriors go when they die to prepare for the final battle at Ragnarok. [also known as Viking 3] (PEO99)

* Note: If you are a Viking enthusiast >>there are 14 Viking items on the "Starfire Magic" page: [Items#58 - though - 72>Including 2 Fantastic Odin statues!] + PLUS + 2 More Viking Pipes>>On Pipe Dreams 1... GO L@@K!
Also there are SIX Fantastic Books about Pipes on Our "BOOKSHELF ONE" Page!!

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