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  Short Meditations For Busy People: Relieve Stress!! Find Inspiration! Quick & Easy (guided) Meditations (C.D.)
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  Nag Champa Incense (Cones & Burner) : Gentle, Charming, Lingers in Your Memory .
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  Ganesha Statue : Lord of New Beginnings, remover of obstacles + (Brass Statue)
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  Chocolate Topped N.Y. Cheesecake : Just Add Fresh Fruit & A Silly Grin!!! (3lb.)
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  Triangle of Stars Constellation Cabinet : three drawers for Our herbal smoking blends, teas, incense...or ?
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  Meditation Drum : By David & Steve Gordon A New Blend For Meditation: including flutes & Tibetan Singing Bowls (Music C.D.)
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  Griffin Jornal (Blank Book):Perfect place to record your Own secrets, observations and inspirations . (Privately)
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  Hindu Gods & Goddesses by W.J. Wilkins (BOOK): An Illustrated Study of Myths, Legends , Art & Philosophy for SCOLARS & POETS
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  Feel Good Yoga DVD: For beginners or advanced; Great Ideas for Instructors or Personal use at Home!
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  OM Erarrings: Om Mani Padma Style
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  Handsome Walnut & Burl Maple Chess Set (with Storage for Pieces)
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  Darjeeling Tea: The Land of the Dancing Mists gives birth to this Most Precious Indian Tea:
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  Chocolate Chai: Chocolate & Spice and Everything Nice!!!
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  Sookh Tan by David Macejka : Fusion Sufi music combining influences from India, Iran, and Turkey.
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  Sri Yantra Goddess Mandala Pillow
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  YOU MUST GET A BUST!!! Made of: Yourself, Your Spouse, Boss, A Favorite Historical Figure, Author...OR?? (Custom Carved Meerschaum)
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  Karma Cards by Monte Farber: Amazing cards already embraced by hundreds of thousands of seekers !!!
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  "Long Life" Pattern Tea Mugs with infusers: Set comes in Silk Brocade Box..for storage or Gift Giving
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  Love & Kindness by Golana: Entrancing flutes backed by acoustic guitar, grand piano, electronic keyboards, violin, cello and hand drums
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  Paramahansa Yogananda Blanket / Tapestry:As a soft and comfortable throw or as wall art
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  Goddess Laxmi Statue : Goddess of Grace, Beauty & Material Well Being
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Odin (Norse God) Pipe

The Norse God Odin; is the all father of Norse mythology. He is the leader of all of the Norse Gods, and the father of Thor.(Thor:God of thunder, hurling lightening bolts as weapons, his mother:Jord the Earth Goddess) Odin can see into the future thanks to two crows that sit on his shoulders. The crows are named "thought" and "memory", and with their help he knows that the gods are doomed to die at the end of the world, also known as 'Ragnarok'. Even though he knows the gods are destined to lose, Odin initiates the creation of Val Hala, where all the Viking warriors go when they die to prepare for the final battle at Ragnarok. [also known as Viking 3] (PEO99)

* Note: If you are a Viking enthusiast >>there are 14 Viking items on the "Starfire Magic" page: [Items#58 - though - 72>Including 2 Fantastic Odin statues!] + PLUS + 2 More Viking Pipes>>On Pipe Dreams 1... GO L@@K!
Also there are SIX Fantastic Books about Pipes on Our "BOOKSHELF ONE" Page!!

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